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STLX Cord switch

2016-4-8 9:53:39

Application :

It is used for the prevention action of transportation machinery,quarry,power generation,wood working etc ,which lead it to the necessary technology .It can also be called as full protection of running set for machinery parts.Compared to the emergency switch ,it is much faster to realize the safe protection.


Construction :

The safe cord switch met IEC947-5-1/DIN/VDE0660-200 and EN level IP65,can be used in the environment of -25℃ to +70℃。


Function :

The switch can be installed according to the instruction.When the switch is tensed,it contacts ,and when the stays is pulled or disconnected,it separates, meanwhile the situation come to realize by the key.



The switch also have explosive type,and met the standard of EEx IICT6,it should state its cable line length when ordering.


Instruction :

ZS71 has hole inside as attached fixed way, it can be customized when you need.In addition ,ZS71 has location instruction type on the box cover, it can indicate the situation of tensing .


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