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STXL two-way rope switch

2016-4-8 8:57:12

Instruction :

This machine is used for emergency stopping when the belt conveyor has an accident.


Theory :

When the belt conveyor has an emergency accident ,we can pull the steel wire to make the inside sliding block and switch acted and send out the stopping signal.The self-reset type machine will reset automatically when loosing the steel wire,and the manual reset type machine need operate the reset handle to reset .


Construction characteristics:

This machine adopts aluminum alloy casting shell with high strength ,light weight,and the shell protection level reaches to IP67,can be used in the bad environment with long time .The switch adopts imported components with big contact capacity and reliable and flexible action .


Technical data :

Environment condition : environment temperature:-30℃-+75℃

                      relative humidity :less than 85%

Motion angle :30°

Limited angle:60°

Motion force(kg):10

Contact quantity: normally open :1  normally close:1

                normally open :2  normally close:2 (please notice when order)



Contact capacity: AC380V 10A

Reset mode: self-reset, manual reset

Reliability:10^6 times 

Weight :2.5kg


Connection way :

The switch has matched 1.0m cable when leaving the factory ,the connection way can be  referred to the line color of scutcheon.


Use and installation :

Fixing the switch evenly on the fixed support ,fasten the steel wire on the two side of pull-tap,each wire shouldn’t exceed 30M. The force of wire should be proper to ensure the switch reset reliably .

The wire should be set evenly toward to the belt ,every 3m added with a rings.

The wire can be customized and bought on your behalf.


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